Gabrielle Lichterman

Award-Winning Author, Journalist, Hormonology Founder


For more than 20 years, I have been a health and personal finance journalist with articles published in dozens of major publications around the globe, including First For Women, Glamour, Marie Claire, New York Daily News, Self, Woman’s World and Working Mother. I’ve also served as an editor at WebMD.

Specializing in reporting on hormone research, in 2005, I introduced the world to “cycle syncing”–living your life in sync with the natural ups and downs of your menstrual cycle–in my award-winning book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveal About Your Moods, Health & Potential. I founded Hormonology as a way to share this vital hormone information more widely.

In 2021, I launched an independent publishing company, Happiness Upgrade Press, to share self-help books that are uplifting and make an immediate positive impact. The first book from this indie press, DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit, was published in 2021 and named the #1 new release on Amazon in the résumé category. Since its publication, it has remained on Amazon’s bestseller list. The latest book from this press, The Happiness Upgrade, was released March 2022 and launches a self-help Happiness Upgrade health series that shows readers how small study-backed tactics can upgrade your mood, sleep, energy and more. Learn more at

I’m currently writing more books to for my Hormonology collection and Happiness Upgrade series. And you can find my latest women’s health and personal finance articles every week on newsstands in Woman’s World magazine and online at

Books by Gabrielle Lichterman

The Happiness Upgrade: One Small Step Up to a Happier Life (2022)

The Happiness Upgrade introduces you to a simple, unique method for transforming your mood in the moment. This way, you can pause an unhealthy negative mood, such as rumination or anger, then inch good feelings back up one step at a time. This book also gives a 365-day journal to track your progress plus 52 simple, study-backed ways to improve positivity. Learn more….

Award-Winning Finalist for the 2022 International Book Awards for Psychology/Mental Health books

Award-Winning Finalist for 17th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for Self-Help books

DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit: Everything You Need to Create a Professional-Quality Résumé and Cover Letter (2021)

Amazon Bestseller! You can write your own résumé and cover letter–really! This kit makes it easy by giving you all you need: simple step-by-step instructions, free editable, preformatted Microsoft Word résumé and cover letter templates to download and insider tips from a pro. Learn more….

28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health & Potential–Updated and Expanded (2019)

Winner of the 2019 National Indie Excellence Award! 28 Days is the book that introduced the world to cycle-syncing–living your life in sync with the natural ups and downs of your menstrual cycle. This updated and expanded edition gives you more daily categories and cycle-syncing tips than the first edition published in 2005. Learn more…

Hormonology Menstrual Cycle Tracker Journal (2020)

In this paperback period-tracking journal, you get 12 sets of comprehensive menstrual cycle tracker charts that enable you to monitor your flow, basal temperature and cervical mucus as well as all the emotional, physical and health changes you experience throughout your cycle. Plus, you get 12 6-page sets of dot graphs that you can use to shape your data into lists, graphs or logs. Learn more…

Hormonology Day-by-Day Menstrual Cycle Guided Journal (2020)

In this paperback guided journal, you get 9 daily self-discovery questions, which enable you to create a custom manual for your menstrual cycle that helps you make every cycle day better. Plus, you get study-backed tips for overcoming cycle-related challenges, recommendations for syncing your life with your cycle and bonus self-discovery questions. Learn more…

Health & Personal Finance Journalist

Over the course of my more than 20 years as a freelance journalist, I’ve focused on two specialties–health and personal finance–with one main goal in mind: help readers with the most pressing issues in their lives by sharing practical, easy-to-implement tips that have quick and proven benefits.

Health Journalism

As a health journalist, my articles have covered a wide range of important health concerns facing women, including anxiety, cancer, dementia, depression, heart disease, insomnia, lung function, menopause, menstrual issues, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, perimenopause, stress, type 2 diabetes and weight loss.

But, admittedly, my favorite health articles to write have been those about female reproductive hormones and their impact on mood, brain function, energy, libido and other facets of a woman’s life. In fact, reporting on hormone studies was the inspiration for my award-winning book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health & Potential.

Over the years, I have focused my reporting on holistic, study-backed remedies and preventive medicine techniques, such as modifications to diet and lifestyle as well as supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

I also regularly report on breakthrough research in the fields of health and medicine.

I have had the privilege of interviewing many of the world’s leading experts in a wide range of health fields, among them women’s health and hormone expert Elizabeth Vliet, M.D., gender medicine specialist Marianne Legato, M.D., positive psychology pioneers Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., Christopher Peterson, Ph.D., and Martin Seligman, Ph.D., microbiologist Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D., chronobiology researcher Michael Smolensky, Ph.D., alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, M.D., and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D.

Consumer Trends & Personal Finance Journalism

For more than a decade, I have written a weekly column for Woman’s World magazine reporting on consumer trends and personal finance.

I cover a wide variety of issues that impact the way readers spend and save money. My goal is to guide consumers toward improving the many facets of their financial life by sharing novel, easy-to-implement methods to spend less, improve credit scores and secure sensitive personal information. I also help them understand important changes in banking, credit cards, fees and taxes that could impact their finances.

Other important topics I regularly tackle are marketing and advertising techniques, pricing structures and the psychology of shopping. Showing consumers the many methods that businesses use to influence customer behavior helps shoppers better understand their own spending and saving decisions.

Finding employment is another important issue I’ve covered in this column. I’ve reported extensively on trends and research in résumés, cover letters, interviews and hiring practices to help folks make their best first impressions when applying for jobs. I’ve also written about lesser-known ways to update career skills and how to use emerging technology to find more open positions. For those looking to move ahead in their current place of employment, I’ve reported on surveys and studies that show which work practices and behaviors result in more favorable reviews and faster promotions.

In January 2021, I published the book DIY Resume and Cover Letter Kit that harnessed information from my column as well as drew on the more than 20 years of professional resume-writing I’ve done for a wide spectrum of clients.