About Gabrielle Lichterman

Journalist, Author, Editor, Publisher, Hormonology Founder

I’ve been a freelance health and personal finance journalist for more than 20 years. Thousands of my articles have been published in top publications around the globe, including First for Women, GlamourMarie ClaireNew York Daily NewsSelfWoman’s World and Working Mother. I’ve also served as an editor at WebMD. For more than a decade, I’ve been regularly writing women’s health articles and a weekly personal finance column for Woman’s World magazine, which is the top-selling women’s print magazine on newsstands around the U.S. and Canada.

Specializing in women’s health early on in my career, I became focused on the impact of hormones in women’s menstrual cycles. I did extensive years-long research into the topic, examining decades of published studies. In 2005, the culimination of this research was my ground-breaking book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health & Potential, published by Adams Media. This was the first book to show women how the ups and downs of hormones in their menstrual cycle impacted virtually every aspect of their life (including their moods, energy, desire to socialize, sleep quality, health and much more) every day of their cycle. I then founded Hormonology as a way to spread this vital hormone knowledge to others. 28 Days and Hormonology were the catalysts that pioneered the popular cycle-syncing and hormone awareness movement that is followed by millions around the world today.

In 2019, I wrote an updated version of 28 Days. I declined offers from major publishers who wanted to buy this new edition so that I could retain full rights to my work. I published the new 28 Days independently and it won the National Indie Excellence Award for Women’s Health.

In 2021, I added “book publisher” to my title by launching my own independent publishing company, Happiness Upgrade Press, which focuses on uplifting self-help books. Motivated to assist folks who suddenly lost their jobs or realized they wanted to change their careers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first book I wrote for this imprint was the DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit. It offers simple step-by-step instructions along with expert tips collected from my many years of reporting on trends and studies in employment for my personal finance articles. Future Happiness Upgrade Press books will span a wide spectrum of health issues, including self-help books to improve mood, sleep and energy.

My professional goal has always been to help readers with two of the most pressing issues in their lives–health and finances. I want to give them help that’s practical, easy-to-implement, study-backed and has an immediate impact on their lives.

A New York City gal transplanted to Florida’s Gulf Coast

I’ve always had a passion for writing—and I suspect it may have something to do with my genes. I come from a long line of women writers: My Brooklyn-born great grandmother was an aspiring novelist. And, her daughter, my grandmother, was a member of the New York City literati scene in the 1940s who went on to become a ghostwriter of radio soap operas for Elaine Sterne Carrington and speechwriter for former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Originally from Manhattan, New York, I took full advantage of the city’s many famous treasures while I lived there, such as Katz’s Delicatessen, Central Park and its many famed museums.

After a long search around the country to find the perfect follow-up to the Big Apple, my husband and I discovered St. Petersburg—a small, artistic city on Florida’s sunny Gulf Coast. On the first day of our first visit in 2007, we decided to move here. Now we have many new treasures to enjoy.

On those few occasions when I’m not writing, you can usually find me taking photographs, baking, playing with my dog and enjoying the nearby glorious beaches at sunset.