Hormonology Founder

I created Hormonology® as an educational outreach mission to teach women and girls how hormones in their monthly cycles impact their moods, health and behavior.

In 2005, my groundbreaking book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health and Potential, was the first to show women how the rise and fall of reproductive hormones (estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) impact their moods, health and behavior every day of their menstrual cycle along with how to make the most of these hormonal influences.

Soon after the publication of 28 Days, I launched Hormonology—an educational outreach mission that teaches women and girls about the hormonal effects in their menstrual cycles.

As part of this, I developed a suite of apps to share this vital information, including my popular Hormone Horoscope apps and Female Forecaster app.

In April 2019, I released a fully updated and expanded edition of 28 Days, which is available on Amazon in paperback and eBook. The new edition of 28 Days is the winner of the 2019 National Indie Excellence Award.

In 2020, I published a paperback period-tracking journal, Hormonology Menstrual Cycle Tracker Journal, to offer women a 100% private option for tracking physical and emotional changes in their cycle. While all my Hormonology apps are 100% private (and always have been), I became concerned about the growing number of menstrual cycle tracker apps created by other developers that were accessing, sharing and selling user data. So, I created a comprehensive paperback tracking journal to ensure complete privacy for everyone.

You can learn more about Hormonology at MyHormonology.com.